Social Reporting at the Central Africa Forum on Cassava Conference

Oluwabunmi Ajilore

Next week, stakeholders across public and private sectors including agribusiness entrepreneurs, value chain actors in the Central African cassava sub-sector and other interested participants from outside the region will be meeting at the CTA-organised conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The conference which aims to explore the challenges and opportunities for smallholder farmers in the roots and tubers, particularly cassava, value chains in the Central Africa region.

To amplify the deliberations of the meeting, enable remote audience to participate in the discussions and spread the message of the outcomes of the conference, a group of CTA-sponsored young social reporters will be joining the 4-day conference to report the activities live.

These young people have been selected from different countries in the Central Africa region; and will be exposed to a 2-day pre-event training on the effective use of social reporting tools. In addition to the increased visibility they will provide to event, their participation is also in the context of CTA’s continuous engagement with and support for youth in agriculture development and networking.

The specific objectives of the social reporting activity will be to:

  • Strengthen the knowledge and networking of selected young agripreneurs and their organisations in social media reporting as well on the issues covered by the conference;
  • Raise awareness mainly during and after the Conference on the topics/sessions of the conference through a strong online presence and promotion; topics of interest to youth in agriculture will receive a particular attention;
  • Enable direct and indirect stakeholders who are not physically present at the event (notably other youth involved in agriculture) to be updated on the conference sessions and as much as possible engage them in discussions;
  • Contribute to improving the development of youth in agriculture in the Central Africa region.

Meet the social reporters (and follow them on social media)

Kondzou Takuete (Cameroon)

Organisation: Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN), & J2D-Afrique Cameroon

Twitter handle: @jeankondzou

Giramahoro Guy Fleury (Burundi)

Organisation: YPARD Burundi

Twitter handle: @GiramahoroGuy

Hyacinthe Mesmin Pamessoua (Central Africa Republic)

Organisation: Conseil National de la Jeunesse Centrafricaine (CNJ-CA)

Twitter handle: @HMPAMESSOUA

Ghislain Mbesse (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Organisation: IITA Youth Agripreneurs

Twitter handle: @ghislainmbesse

Mvuenga Eden (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Organisation: Student

Twitter handle: @EMvuenga

Gwladys Meyanya (Cameroon)

Organisation: University of Yaoundé I (PhD student – Plant Ecology)

Twitter handle: @GwladysQueen

Atangana Tchoungui Michel (Cameroon)

Organisation: PROPAC

Noah Bessala Clémence (Cameroon)

Organisation: PROPAC

Twitter handle: @agriculture232

Yves Cédric NTSAMA (Cameroon)

Organisation: PROPAC

Twitter handle: @YvesNtsama

Conference themes

The thematic content of this event will address the following themes including:

  • Multi-actor cassava innovation platforms and the harmonisation of practices;
  • Interprofessional cassava organisations: roles and issues;
  • Value chain finance and risk management in the cassava value chain;
  • Role of ICTs in the cassava value chain;
  • Issues related to the development of cassava-based nutritional products;
  • Integration of young people and women into the cassava value chain;
  • Contract farming practices;
  • The marketing of cassava products and by-products, as well as obstacles to trade: harmonisation of policies, trade opportunities, etc.
  • Knowledge management;
  • Production techniques, disease control and management: best practices

For more information on the Forum on Cassava in Central Africa see: http://www.cta.int/en/news/regional-forum-on-cassava-in-central-africa/about-the-conference/concept-note-regional-forum-on-cassava-in-central-africa.html

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