Meet the CWA2016 Social Reporters!

Keron Bascombe

Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2016 Social Reporting Team


One of the greatest ways to take the Agricultural sector forward is to invest in its future, so once again the CTA has supported the youth of the Caribbean and the Pacific via practical and professional development activities.

Sixteen youth from the Caribbean and the Pacific have attended a two day training ahead of the 14th Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) in the Cayman Islands. The training provides capacity building on a social reporting strategy that will now be used for the coverage of CWA.

The specific objectives of the social reporting team are:

  1. To raise awareness before, during and after the CWA on topics/sessions of the conference through a strong online presence and promotion
  2. Enable and update stakeholders on the conference sessions and as much as possible facilitate online discussions
  3. Give feedback of online buzz from the audience to the conference organisers/facilitators by bringing the conversations to the sessions
  4. Use social media as an advocacy tool and share discussions from the sessions
  5. Strengthen the knowledge and networking of youth in the area of agricultural science, technology and innovation as well as social media reporting
  6. Contribute to the development of youth in agriculture in the Caribbean and the Pacific

This activity is supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) through the Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme  (Intra-ACP APP) and CTA’s ARDYIS program support.

Meet the social reporters:

Mikhail Amsterdam, , Guyana    
Avneel Abhishay, , Fiji
Dionne Cush, , Guyana
Jodian Duncan , Jamaica
Nakasi Fortune, , Guyana
Enricka Julien, , Trinidad and Tobago
Amram Lemoth, , Belize
Nolana Lynch, , Trinidad and Tobago
Solomoni Matthewsella, , Fiji
Shari-Ann Palmer, , Jamaica
Ana Tupou Panuve, , Tonga
Donnette Skervin, , Jamaica
Keron Bascombe  & , Trinidad and Tobago – Trainer

These youth were joined by Adelle Roopchand of Trinidad and Tobago () Christopher Serju of Jamaica, seasoned media professionals with an interest in social media reporting.

This setting marks the first time that social media will be used heavily for the Caribbean Week of Agriculture since its creation.

You can be a part of the CWA activity by following the hashtags #cwa2016Cayman and #intra_app

A group post written by the CWA 2016 Social Reporting Team.

Photo Credit: Dionne Cush


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