Agribusiness success stories to be shared in Barbados


Do you want to start an agribusiness? Learn from the leaders in the sector! Nine agribusiness owners and managers from the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean will share their experiences in the journey to success at the Caribbean-Pacific Agri-Food Forum in Barbados. The businesses range from private to state-owned enterprises, from primary production to agro-processing. This forum will provide business opportunity ideas along the value chain of the dynamic agri-food system.

This forum is also for businesses already in the sector.

There are many of you who are involved in industries which are similar to us and have similar challenges. We’re looking forward to see how you are going about solving these things”, said Steve Belmont, a participant who addressed attendees at a similar exercise conducted as part of the “Agribusiness forum: enhancing regional trade and adding value to Caribbean agri-food products” held in Grenada last year.

What can be learned from these case studies?

  • Product development strategies.
  • What is their competitive advantage.
  • Challenges in production and their resolutions.
  • Overcoming challenges in scaling up.
  • Strategic partnerships with other actors in the industry such as hotels, supermarkets, NGOs and educational institutions to name a few.
  • New and emerging technology which will redefine agriculture as a less labour-intensive exploit while increasing yields.
  • Financing options, which include banks, donor agencies, crowd funding and individuals who share your vision.

Each business venture will experience unique circumstances. However, these shared experiences are expected to guide agripreneurs to the penultimate objective of business, which is to maximise profit. It is important to note that there also exists additional measures of success in business. Agribusinesses can mark success by contributing to environmental sustainability, economic sustainability through job creation, social responsibility by helping marginalised social groups such as women and improved livelihoods of employees.

It is widely accepted that the development of agriculture is challenged by an aging farming population. Come to the Caribbean Pacific Agrifood Forum held in Barbados from 02-06 November and be inspired to be part of the new generation of leaders in agriculture.

The week of activities begins with the workshop “How to create a successful agribusiness company” at the UWI School of Business B from 10:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:30 on 2nd November. Also join us online, using the hashtags #CPAF15 and #WS1. See the full programme for more information on the conference.

Photo credit: Georgina Smith/CIAT

Blogpost by Jeanine Eugene, Social Reporter for the Caribbean-Pacific Agri-Food Forum 2015. 

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