''OUR World, OUR Dignity, OUR Future''

Bouba Sow

Welcome to the CTA campaign for the European Year of Development 2015 !




This year, governments around the world, development agencies and civil society will come to term with the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) – a set of eight indicators that international development stakeholders have agreed to reach by 2015.

To underpin Europe’s decisive contributions to the achievement of the eight MDGs, the European Union (EU) has launched the European Year of Development (EYD) campaign that will present 12 different themes illustrating EU-supported interventions in partner countries.

CTA, thanks to EU’s funding has been able to contribute to the MDGs. Out of the eight goals, CTA’s range of activities is directly addressing four: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality and empower women, ensuring environmental sustainability and advocating for a global partnership for development.

CTA contributed to four MDGs

As an information and knowledge broker, CTA has been largely cited as an enabler for the empowerment of smallholder farmers in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, especially women and youths. In particular, by:

– strengthening their capacities for the implementation of better farm management processes,

– enabling larger access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs),

– facilitating collaboration between farmers, policymakers, researchers and the private sector.

With the hope of a new global development agenda that will build upon EU’s and partners’ interventions, it is likely that knowledge and information, CTA’s core domain of expertise over the past 30 years, will remain the backbone of all interventions in the framework of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Strategies and Policies.

Join us each month to celebrate #EYD2015 strong promise: OUR World, OUR Dignity, OUR Future.

EYD2015 CTA’s Coordination Team

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