RiMFin: Umarket disbursement Portal (Utiba)


A major problem that most farmers in rural areas face is accessing finance. We are talking about more than a thousand farmers in Ghana that reside in locations that aren’t easy to reach.

The Rice Mobile Finance (RiMFin) is a mobile payment platform offered by Agribusiness Systems International (ASI) that works on transactions in the rice value chain. This remarkable innovation successfully tackles the issues of costs and information paucity that dominates the rice value chain in Ghana. Traditional farming seldom deliver to rural farmers as delayed payments, lack of privacy with payments, cash-in transit, administrative and financial burden etc prevail.

Project Coordinator, Mr. Alorwuse Wisdom stated that “at the end of the project we realised that delivering to farmers is no longer an issue. Farmers now have access to finance, they plant their crops, harvest and they sell to GADCO’s (their main buyers). GADCO transfers the money into a wallet created by tribal casts and this money in the wallet is being dispersed into the various individual accounts of various farmers”, he said.

The impact of this approach is wide-ranging: Farmers are able to save the money paid into their wallets; they are able to send their children to school and pay for school fees; they are also able to use their money to buy inputs, which is helpful to their business. RiMFin also addresses the problems of side selling and provides financial inclusiveness to thousands of farmers in Ghana.

Most of all, I appreciate this tool as it builds trust between farmers and agricultural organisations around them, which makes it easier for them to buy inputs from other input suppliers. No more financial and administrative spending for the buyer under these circumstances.

I look forward to RiMFin expansion across Ghana and possible into other countries!

Photo credit: Neil Palmer/CIAT

Blogpost by Elenoa Salele and Tyrone Hall, Social Reporters for the Fin4Ag Conference.

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